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Order now and receive free shipping on all US orders over $69+ . We accept Paypal payments.

Mesotherapy Electroporation LED Photon Facial Radio Frequency Skincare

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Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation EMS Mesotherapy for Tighten Face Lift Beauty Treatment


  • Item Name: EMS & RF Beauty Apparatus
  • Use Time: 100mins
  • Charging Time: <=3.5 Hours
  • Input Voltage: DC5V
  • Power Supply: Charging by USB
  • Model number: 6561830633672

Facial Radiofrequency Devices are good for facial skin care. It works on skin rejuvenation, skin toning, wrinkle removal, acne removal anti-age, skin renewal, pore size reduction, increases skin elasticity, skin tightening, skin whitening, eliminating toxin, and improve skin absorption of cosmetic products, etc. The radiofrequency equipment contains LED lamps. You can do fast and quick treatment on the whole facial. People feel a little bit warm, comfortable, and relax during the treatment. No pain, no harm. Skin product (e.g. essence) should be applied. And the radio frequency face device would help the skin to absorb the products more efficiently. Daily treatment is available. About 10 minutes of treatment every day can keep facial sharp, smooth skin and young face.

  1. 1. Electroporation --make the essence soaked into the deep skin Electroporation is a beauty method that injects collagen and hyaluronic acid into deep skin with no No-needle. Through the You will feel no pain and achieve a better effect.
  2. Mesoporation(No-Needle Mesotherapy/Thermage) --make the essence soaked into the subcutaneous tissue. Mesocoporation is a new name that named combining with Mesotherapy technology and Electroporation technology.
  3. LED Photon -- can restrain and kill bacteria(Acne removal and Pimples removal), good for sensitive skin.
  4. EMS --Slimming, face lifting and skin tightening, wrinkle removal. EMS can help to relax the muscle, activate the skin tissue (skin cell) so that to achieve better facelift and wrinkles removal effect.
  5. Radio Frequency (RF) --Eliminating toxin, promoting blood circulation, improving lymph circulation, body shaping, body care, and slimming
  1. Microwave pulse to tighten skin and restore skin elasticity.
  2. Superstrong import nutrition to the deep skin and perfectly absorption.
  3. Radio Frequency current, eliminating toxin, slim and shape body.
  4. No-needle Mesotherapy, no pain, and no harm.
  5. Daily skincare for face therapy. Stop time flowing through your skin.
  6. Portable and easy to operate, treatment can be everywhere at any time.
  7. Enjoy skincare at home with an in-office experience.
  1. Affect a radical cure blain, and curb the youth beans and black of the original bacteria, improve acne scars
  2. Remove wrinkles, face lifting, skin Rejuvenation.
  3. Improve skin, promote the formation of collagen, make skin younger
  4. Remove the red spot
  5. Nourish and whiten skin
Package Included:
  • 1Pc x Main unit
  • 1Pc x Use Manual
  • 1Pc x Power line
  • 1Pc x Charging stand 

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